Plastic Pipe Shredder

  • Plastic Pipe Shredder
  • Plastic Pipe Shredder
  • Plastic Pipe Shredder
  • Plastic Pipe Shredder
  • Plastic Pipe Shredder
  • Plastic Pipe Shredder
Plastic Pipe Shredder
  • Meenchi
  • China
  • About 40 working days after deposit
  • 10 sets per month

Application fields: plastic waste shredder can be used for wood plastic building template production line, crust foaming board production line, wood plastic foaming board production line, synthetic resin tile production line, plastic wave tile production line, PVC plastic steel tile production line.

Commercial plastic shredder aslo can be used for single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, PE pipe production line, PVC pipe production line, plastic plate sheet production line, wood plastic profile production line, waste plastic cleaning and recycling production line Line, plastic granulation line of machine side machine for use.

Applicable materials: all kinds of plastic pipes, rubber pipes, plastic plates, rubber plates, injection molding machine head materials, injection molding waste parts, waste plastic barrels, etc.


plastic pipe shredder


With the rapid development of large-diameter PE, ABS, PPR, PET,PVC and etc plastic pipes, sheets and bottles, how to effectively recover the waste PE, ABS, PPR and pet in the production process has become a problem to be solved by many producers. Some manufacturers rely on the purchase of expensive or high-power and low efficiency equipment to recover, and the investment cost is too high. 

The existing manufacturers mainly use manual sawing of waste pipes into small pieces After crushing, and the size of saw block is strictly required. If the saw block is too thick, the crusher is damaged and the recovery efficiency is very low. 

Zhangjiagang meenchi machinery co.,ltd is the high-quality equipment to meet the demand of this application.


1. The whole waste grinder machine circulates and moves, with high tearing  efficiency and no blocking.

2. The whole fastener of the main shaft is processed automatically by the machining center and will never break.

3. The transmission part is connected by coupling to reduce vibration and protect the main shaft and reducer without force loss.

4. The electric control system is programmed by PLC, equipped with start, stop, forward, reverse and overload automatic protection

Protection and other functions. The whole automation ensures safety and stability and saves labor cost.


Motor Power(KW)2237-45557590
Rotary Blade(PC)2646567286


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