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  • Plastic Film Grinding Mill
  • Plastic Film Grinding Mill
  • Plastic Film Grinding Mill
  • Plastic Film Grinding Mill
  • Plastic Film Grinding Mill
  • Plastic Film Grinding Mill
Plastic Film Grinding Mill
  • Meenchi
  • China
  • About 40 working days after deposit
  • 15 sets per month

The working part consists of a high-speed rotating grinding plate and a fixed grinding plate. 2. PM grinding plate series grinding machine has the following advantages: 1. The best grinding equipment for materials with short passing time, less heat generation and heat sensitive materials such as PE. 2. The gap between grinding plates can be adjusted to facilitate the control of the discharging fineness. 3. The grinding plate is made of high-quality die steel and can be repeatedly grinded. 4. High output, low energy consumption and operation Easy,


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PE pulverizer is mainly composed of main machine, blower, super fineness analyzer, finished cyclone powder collector, bag dust remover and connecting air pipe, etc. according to the needs of customers, Mingchi machinery can also optionally equip auxiliary equipment such as elevator, storage bin, electric control cabinet, powder feeder and crusher on site.

In the grinding chamber of PE grinder, the grinding roller assembly is suspended on the grinding roller hanger through the cross arm shaft, which is fixedly connected with the main shaft and the spade holder. The pressure spring is tightly pressed on the outer end of the cantilever of the grinding roller bearing chamber by the tension rod. The cross arm shaft is used as the support point, and the grinding roller is tightly pressed on the inner circular surface of the grinding ring by the spring pressure. When the motor is rotated through the transmission device, it is installed on the blade holder The upper blade rotates synchronously with the grinding roller, and the grinding roller rotates around itself while rolling on the inner circle surface of the grinding ring. The analyzer drives the impeller of the analyzer to rotate through the motor drive device, and the rotation speed of the analyzer determines the fineness of the powder.


1. The cooling system of the plastic grinder adopts the combination of air and water

2. High quality wear-resistant steel cutter of plastic grinder, with high output and good wear-resistant performance

3. Automatic continuous operation of plastic grinder.

4. The plastic grinder has compact structure and small floor area.

5. All steel structure of plastic grinder is integrated, stable and reliable.



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