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  • Garbage Shredder
  • Garbage Shredder
  • Garbage Shredder
  • Garbage Shredder
  • Garbage Shredder
  • Garbage Shredder
Garbage Shredder
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Garbage professional shredder machine can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries, suitable for shredding materials, such as: all kinds of garbage, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrel, pallet, etc. There are many kinds of recyclable materials.

The shredded materials can be recycled directly or further refined according to the demand. It is applicable to industrial waste recycling, medical recycling, electronic manufacturing, pallet manufacturing, wood processing, domestic waste recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, paper making and other industries.

This series of garbage shredder has the characteristics of low speed, large torque and low noise. It adopts Siemens programming control system and can be automatically controlled. It has the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse.


garbage shredder


With the popularization of global urbanization, the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of domestic garbage, it has become a very serious environmental problem in China and even in the whole world. It is estimated that the growth rate of garbage in developed countries is 3.2% - 4.5% and that in developing countries is 2% - 3%. The annual output of garbage in the world is 10 billion tons. The growth rate of urban garbage in China is about 9%, and the annual output of garbage is about 150 million tons. There is no time to delay the treatment of domestic waste. At present, there are three treatment methods commonly used: landfill, composting and incineration. However, before treatment, crushing and refining must be carried out.

This scrap shredder machine is a multifunctional household garbage crusher. It has passed the EU CE certification and is designed for the crushing of household garbage materials. The whole machine technology comes from Italy. The blade is made of imported high-strength alloy steel, with strong wear resistance and high strength. The driving part is driven by intermediate gear to form a differential relationship. The screen is easy to disassemble.

The size of the crushed material is controlled through the screen, and the discharge is even, and the output can reach 300-20000 kg / h.

Domestic waste shredder includes:pet shredder machine、pvc shredder、abs plastic shredder、pe shredder、box shredder machine、carpet shredder、cloth shredder machine、e waste shredder、electronic shredding、fabric shredder machine、glass shredder machines、hard drive shredder、hdpe shredder、kitchen waste shredder、mattress shredding machines、milk jug shredder and other domestic waste plastic crusher machine.


1. Multiple configurations and combinations.

2. Precision machining technology, high quality parts.

3. Bearing quadruple seal, effective waterproof and dustproof

4. The cutting tools are arranged according to the helix to achieve efficient cutting. A kind of According to different material requirements, different cutter roller can be selected, and the correct cutter roller can greatly improve the design performance and    production efficiency

5. The imported alloy cutting tool has strong impact resistance, and the broken metal cutting tool does not break.

6. Both the inner hole and the spindle face of the tool are designed in six directions to achieve the uniformity of the force on the tool. 7. Siemens PLC is used to monitor the motor current in real time. When the load is overloaded, the cutter shaft automatically reverses to protect the motor.




Metal seperator

garbage shredder machine

the dual shaft shredder +belt conveyor+crusher+ belt with metal seperator

domestic plastic shredder

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