Foam Hot Melting Machine

  • Foam Hot Melting Machine
  • Foam Hot Melting Machine
  • Foam Hot Melting Machine
  • Foam Hot Melting Machine
  • Foam Hot Melting Machine
Foam Hot Melting Machine
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The polystyrene melting machine can treat EPS expanded polystyrene, EPS lunch box, EPS dust, XPS insulation board, EPE expanded polyethylene, EPP expanded polypropylene.

The eps melting machine is similar to the extruder. After the material is completely melted, it is introduced from the outlet. The hot melt foam compressor and the hot pressure foam compressor need to add one or more heating modules.


polystyrene recycling machine


According to the classification of material handling, foam compressors can be divided into two categories: EPS foam compressor and polyurethane foam compressor.

EPS foam compressors are suitable for compressing EPS/EPP foam plastics. The compression ratio can be up to 30~40 times, so as to reduce EPS volume, so as to facilitate long-distance transportation and reduce storage and transportation costs.

Polyurethane foam compressors are suitable for compressing polyurethane foam such as foam, sandwich panel, insulation board and foam plastic. The effect density compression ratio is 10-16:1, which is convenient for polyurethane foam landfill.


1. The polystyrene recycling equipment is applicable to the leftover materials, scrap materials and recycled materials for EPS products production;

2. Put EPS recycled material into EPS hot melting machine;

3. The internal temperature of the machine is 140-190 ℃. After high temperature melting, EPS recycled material will form liquid, then extrude the screw, and then form block products after cooling;

4. The product formed by hot melting of EPS polystyrene foam machine can be crushed and granulated again as PS polystyrene.


Screw diameter(mm)100180-120180-120
Length of Screw(mm)1050mm2500mm2500mm


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