Plastic Blow Moulding Machine

  • Plastic Blow Moulding Machine
  • Plastic Blow Moulding Machine
  • Plastic Blow Moulding Machine
  • Plastic Blow Moulding Machine
  • Plastic Blow Moulding Machine
  • Plastic Blow Moulding Machine
Plastic Blow Moulding Machine
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Zhangjiagang Meenchi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern manufacturer specializing in the production of full-automatic blow molding machines. The company has a number of excellent technical personnel, with more than ten years of practical experience in the blow molding machine industry. The company's existing products are suitable for the production of 0.005-3000 liter plastic bottles, pots, barrels, bags, plastic pallets and other hollow products.

The products have been sold all over the country and exported to more than 30 countries and regions, such as Germany, Italy, Britain, Ukraine, Turkey, Colombia, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Thailand, Nigeria, etc., which have been well received by users. The company will be committed to the continuous development and innovation of hollow blow molding machine. For the majority of users to provide better machines and more professional services.


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The automatic bottle blowing machine adopts PLC human-machine interface and touch operation. Fault alarm self diagnosis, clear at a glance.

The center feeding die head can completely eliminate the product convergence line, and the refueling and color changing are fast.

The moving die adopts double linear guide rail and the central locking die. The stress is even, and the incision of the plastic bottle is smooth.

The hydraulic system adopts the proportional hydraulic control, the full-automatic bottle blowing machine is equipped with imported hydraulic components, the action is accurate, stable and energy-saving.

High speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption plasticizing system ensures even and excellent mixing and product purity.

This series of automatic bottle blowing machine mainly blows PE, PP and other plastic bottles, which is different from PET blow molding machine and belongs to a member of blow molding machine family.

The plastics used in the blow molding machine are polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polystyrene, linear polyester, polycarbonate, polyamide, cellulose acetate and polyacetal resin. The consumption of HDPE is the first. It is widely used in food, chemical industry and liquid packaging. High molecular weight polyethylene is suitable for manufacturing large fuel tanks and barrels. PVC is widely used in the packaging of cosmetics and detergents because of its good transparency and air tightness.

Our hollow blow molding machine can be used for buckets, models, all kinds of bags, fishing incubators, traffic barrier anti-collision buckets, road cones, milk bottles, cosmetics bottles and other hollow plastic things. If you need, please contact us.


1) LS-PP suitable for 0.1-2L PP bottles

2) If adopt 2blower,the output can upto 1500bph

3) Infrared lamp heating, the lamp direction can be adjusted according to different preform

4)  Advanced PLC control system, with counting function,control time accurately.

5) Easy operate and installation,just need 1 worker .


Number of heating zone


Theoretical Outputpcs/hr110014002000
Max.container volumeL1.510
Screw diametermm607080
Screw L/D252525
Clamping forceKN688090
Mold moving strokemm370420420
Screw motor powerKW152230
Platen sizeW*H360400470
Max.heating powerkw7.215.422
Power of die heatingkw355.7
Actual power consumptionkw10-15kw20.529
Working PressureMpa0.30.60.8
Total powerKW34.739.759.4
Air pressureMpa0.50.70.7
Water ConsumptionL/min506070
Machine DimensionL*W*H3.2*1.8*2.53.3*2.1*2.63.4*2.3*2.6
Plasticizing capacityKG/HR7080100
Machine WeightTON455.8


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