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pvc pellet extrusion machinePlastic granulator - purpose:

PP PE PVC plastic pellet extrusion machine the meaning of existence and the meaning of waste plastics recycling have a common goal, and the plastic granulator is a way to realize the recycling of waste plastics. Plastic granulator is divided into single screw granulator and twin-screw granulator. Single screw granulator can recycle plastic film, woven bag, waste man-made fiber, greenhouse film, etc., twin-screw granulator can recycle PET bottle (plastic beverage bottle), etc

Plastic granulator - function:

PP PE PVC plastic pellet extrusion machine the control system can be set full-automatic and semi-automatic. The mixing granulator has the advantages of simple operation, high granulation stability and high practicability. The integrated frame design of strong mixing granulator adopts casting process to manufacture the frame, which ensures the long-term operation accuracy, stability and reliability of the mixer.

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